started from the bottom...

Drake's song Started From The Bottom seems fitting for #backthatazzup Friday and today's last vacation post, seeings how Bradley and I hiked a mountain on our last full day in San Diego.

We started from the bottom...of Lake Poway. See what I did there?! 

See that lake way down there. Yeah, that's where we started.

7 plus miles. 2000 plus fee rise in elevation to get to Potato Chip Rock.

To answer your question, no I did not go out on that ledge. There was a line, plus I am not a big of drop offs and ledges or heights. 

We did find out own little rock with no line to hang out on though and take some photos.

Mountain Top Meditation.

After hiking we were STARVING!

If you're in Gaslamp and want great fresh fish, check out Escape.  Not a very large menu, but they do things right.

Sangria is a great way to start the meal.

Then we headed onto Salmon Cakes. They were legit, but the highlights of the appetizer were the picked carrots and jícama

For the meal, meal, I ordered locally caught yellow tail tacones.

Whereas Brad ordered the yellow tail grilled featuring a Cajun spice. Both were excellent, although I think mine was better because it was in wrap form.

Mine came with a plate full side of fries and curry ketchup which was delish.

Es-ca-pe. It's spelled just like the word Escape. (Name that movie).

And in case you didn't believe me when I said I ate my way around San Diego here is one last example. 

Tuesday morning before we flew back home we grabbed brunch at a place in Point Loma called To The PointSuper cute, super friendly staff, and super great breakfast food.

Not to mention a big ass latte.

Just your simple eggs and meat, but the meat was extra lovely chicken apple sausage.

Brad picked whatever option came in wrap form.

We ate outside, but the inside was adorable.

Ugh, and that officially ends my vacation photos. TAKE ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure you are tired of hearing about it, but I just want to keep reliving it.  Good news is, the sun is coming back to Portland for the weekend, so I can just pretend I am at the beach instead of my apartment pool (totally the same thing) Actually, I don't even think our pool is open yet, stupid Oregon weather!! 


<3 BB


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday girl! Love the mountain photos!!

JumpingJE said...

Started from the bottom now we 'ere! GREAT WEEK of re-living the vacation, pack me in your suitcase next time!

Heather Marie said...

all of that food looks amazing I am so jealous of your trip!

BREI said...

All of that food is making me so hungry!

Anonymous said...

That looks like the same rock Joey and I sat on!! Hahaha. All that food is making me hungry!!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Awesome pics! That hike looks awesome!! I have been aching for a vacation, but nothing planned yet... want to get out of town even for a couple days! But no rain forecast here for the next 10 days, so hopefully it'll be amazing here too!

Rachel Sedaker said...

I can't believe there's a place called Potato Chip Rock- I need to go there! Looks like you had a blast!

Cre'shea said...

I love food on vacation... it's the best.

MacKensie said...

That food looks amazzzzingggg. I am going to Portland at the end of June (I think) and to San Diego in August!! I will have to try some of that tasty goodness up there.

Erin said...


I think I just fell in love with you after that line.

Morgan said...

I wouldn't have gone out on that ledge either I'm so scared of heights! All that food looks delicious too!

Ginny @ Buttergirl Diaries said...

I am dyyyyyyyyyyying to go to California! And San Diego specifically. And from looking at your pictures, It's confirming my desire! How gorgeous!

I'll take those fries, k? Thanks :)


Lauren said...

We comment on a lot of the same blogs, so I had to come check you out! Any blogger with a huge amount of food pics is someone I want to follow! I love a good latte and chicken apple sausage is the only breakfast sausage that should be served in my opinion!

Kristen said...

EEEEEK! I want to go hiking! & then have a sangria! what a great idea ;)

❤ Meghan said...

hi brooke - i just stumbled across your blog and love it! i'm from portland too (and am so happy the sun is here to stay for awhile!). looks like an awesome vacation!