#backthatazzup to seattle

It's Fridayyyyyyyy and I am leaving for Seattle right after work to be reunited with my old college roomies!

Back when we were babies and graduating from Willamette in 2009.

I am quite excited.

They're all doing awesome things with their lives like graduating from PT School and Law School and raising a puppy, basically just being cool; and I'm over here like, I've got this blog?! It's cool though, I'm totally not jealous, just excited we get to celebrate together :)

::Never not funny. Celebrities reading mean tweet about themselves -take 4.

::Why 30 is not the new 20

::59 reasons we're going to miss the Office. 

::No. Shut up. Stop sabotaging yourself.

::This article has me thinking that maybe I need to reevaluate some of my beauty choices now.

::Only in Portland.

::Don't just stand there at the gym.

::Lastly, this song came on when I was jammin' out to Boyz II Men pandora the other day. God, I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Warning: Just listening to this song may get you pregnant. 

Have a good weekend, folks!


<3 BB


jumpingje said...

THAT SONG! #babymaker
I always get the INOJ version stuck in my head... randomly.. driving... ha!

Have an amazing weekend!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Your link collections are always full of interesting stuff! Will have to check those out soon!

Have fun with friends over the weekend! It's so cool and energizing to be surrounded by role model peers!

BREI said...

Loved the TED talk. Your links were great today. Have so much fun in Seattle. I was there a few years ago and it was so beautiful!

Laura Ann said...

Awesome links! Have a blast in Seattle. I am afraid to listen to the song now though. I REALLY don't want to get pregnant. Haha! TGIF!

Morgan said...

Well now if it's a guaranteed baby maker I may just have to play it on repeat! ;) All this time it's been THAT easy. Crazy lady who actually wants a baby - party of one.