my mom's cooler than your mom

Let me tell you about my mother.

She is more or less amazing. Not to get all corny on you, actually I don't even care if it's corny, but she is one of the people I look up to most. She's a fantastic mother, sister, daughter, wife, elementary school teacher, pretty much one of those people Oprah would have on her show and let me tell you why...

You see, you wouldn't ever know it, but my mom had a super rare brain tumor removed when I was in college.  She rocked the surgery, but did lose her equilibrium and hearing in her right ear.  After lots of physical therapy she retaught her self how to do basic things like walk and deal with life without her balance and hearing loss.  Think of it as like having vertigo every day, but on a larger scale. She has to work twice as hard as the rest of us to overcome challenges that came post surgery; but she's still here and doesn't complain. She just does it and that my friends, is a beautiful thing.

Basically, she's stronger, more determined, and cooler than you. It's something I came to terms with a long time ago, you will too  :)

I was super excited to get to celebrate Mother's Day with her and the rest of my family this weekend. Sadly, my dad and other brother couldn't make it up to Portland to celebrate, but my other siblings and I did our best to celebrate for all of us.

Evidently, we thought celebrating Mother's Day could only be done in matching colors. 

It was totally unplanned.

We celebrated Mother's Day with a BBQ at my Aunt's house. She and my cousin Kyndra hosted a great party and had the cutest decorations.

Yeah, those are cupcakes.

nom, nom, nom.

All sorts of Pinteresty at the party.

Grandma got spoiled the most on Mother's Day, like she should :)

We also celebrated my cousin's birthday too. Kyndra got all cute again and decorated his cake like a basketball.

How did you celebrate Mother's Day?!

Cheers to Moms!

<3 BB



Anonymous said...

I absolutely love those cupcakes, the cake, and decorations!!! Toooo cute

Anonymous said...

Your mama is amazing, and I can't decide who wore the outfit best - you're all adorable!

Adriana said...

i need those cupcakes.

also your grandma is adorable

Milex said...

You're a genius.

Tami said...

Your mom sounds awesome--I'd be whining like a little baby and running into walls on the regular if I had to go through what she did. Yalls matching colors are too funny. Love your pants! Crops? whatever.

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

This post made me tear up a bit, your mom is such a fighter.

Pam Smith said...

I am the blessed one to have a husband, kids, family and friends that have been there for me every step or should I say obstacle along the way. Life gives us what we can handle. I just didn't know that God thought I was so strong. I really do look for the positive in my life and lucky for me there is an abundance. Thank you for the wonderful post, Brooke. You inspire me!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

just found your blog, it's lovely!

Kristen said...

Your mom is amazing! So inspiring! Also- those are probably the cutest cupcakes I've ever seen!! :)

Nici said...

You all wear the same color in the outfit! :)
And those cupcakes look so great and delicious!

Cortney said...

WHERE are your pants from?? Must. Have. Now. So cute ya'll were matching