today's life lessons

Two lessons I learned yesterday:

1. Don't go for a walk in a cute neighborhood that has homes for sale which you cannot afford. It's very, very depressing. You know what is also depressing, realizing you're getting old because you want to buy said homes.

Makes me want to cry on the inside a little. The same kind of crying on the inside I want to do when I look at my bank account.

2.) Don't go to Costco when Cheez-Itz are on sale. Things like this happen:

Hangs head in shame. 

Good news is, yesterday I only had a small bowl during snack time. I think I am figuring out this whole portion control thing?! probably not. 

Anyways enough about my life struggles. Here are some fun links for your Friday.

::Kareem is a wise man.

::But no really, Carrie was the worst.

::Nick Offerman reads tweets from female celebrities.

::I have shared my frustrations with Forever 21 before. This post solidifies it.

::In honor of Mother's Day, I got you this.

Oh Jim, I heart you.

The only Great Gatsby movie review you'll need.

::Your GPS isn't always right, idiots.

::Lastly, because I get to see Sara Bareilles in concert tonight. I got you this song for #backthatazzup Friday, enjoy!

ps. sorry for the curse words, Mom. 


<3 BB


Cre'shea said...

I want to date Nick Offerman. But I know he is married to Megan Mullaly. Sad day for me.

Anonymous said...

Love your posts! Have a great weekend girl!

Morgan said...

Isn't it the worst when you find a cute house, but then realize it's out of your price range!! And clearly the gps isn't always right, I found that out on Wednesday! Have fun at the concert :)

Laura Ann said...

Haha! Awesome post. Sometimes I even go into the open houses of places I can't buy. I am a masochistic apparently. The cheez-its will just help you cope! Happy Friday!

Helene said...

you get to see sara bareillis?! so jealous.

and i had the same exact experience when I was st sams the other night. NOM!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

There is no such thing as portion control on a Friday. I'm addicted to goldfish. My boys eat them for snacks and now I'm hooked.


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Laicie said...

OH the cute neighborhoods... they get me every time!!! (Okay so do the cheez-its)

Tami said...


Anonymous said...

Great links as always missy. Especially Kareem!

Sisters Marie said...

i totally get the cute homes. i feel the same way when i watch those home renovating or house hunter shows sometimes!

Sisters Marie
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Spencer said...

Man it SO hard to not walk by adorable cute house for sale in portland.