workout wednesday - win some, lose some.

You wanna know why I love my Grandma....

A) she plays draws with friends or draw something, whatever the hell it's called. 
B) she drew a picture of a wedgie that I was able to figure out
C) she then proceeded to call and congratulate me after I got it! 
D) we're cool, you don't have to judge us 

Speaking of butts.... How bout that beach body?! See what I did there? Nice, transition, Brooke... Pats self on back. 

I have been trying to ramp up the workouts again and it is mostly going well.  Minus last night when I had an unnecessary breakdown for no good reason at all.  Kind of like this one I posted about a few months ago. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does I just feel pathetic and I get really negative. Brad gets annoyed, frustrated, concerned, because he says negativity does not look good on me and I agree. After my little breakdown once the run was finished I realized Brad told me I just need to remind myself there are a lot of great things I have going on when it comes to fitness.  I need to focus on the positive things, like the fact that I was able to knock out over 6 miles during 2 different runs yesterday after bettering my time in this hard workout the day before. Fran, you're hard, but I finished you in 5mins30secs and I am kind of happy with that time. As opposed to taking the route I did, which was only focus on how sore my legs were, how out of shape I felt, how long the run was, how slow I felt, and how I was slowing Brad down... basically every negative thing I could think of.

Live and learn, people. Live and learn.

Then this morning I came across this blog post and it really resonated with me. Especially this line:
"I became a more capable, energetic, independent, and mentally focused person once my focus shifted from what my body looks like to what my body can do"
Anyway, enough about what I can't do. Let's talk about things I want to do... maybe? Do I dare? How many times can I use the word 'do'!?

Bear Complex looks hard in a good way. 

And since we're talking about bears.  I went all sorts of carnivore the other night and made this meat on meat on meat dish.

Lastly, and this has nothing to do with fitness, but you should totally download the A Beautiful Mess app for your iPhone photos. It's awesome. The end.


<3 BB


Kate said...

this is the second fitness related blog post i've read today.
in my work out clothes.
i've picked up on the hint. i should probably go do something other than read blogs in these clothes. also, as a sidenote: i have been weirdly obsessed with A Beautiful Mess since i was literally 15. i remember when Elsie was still Elsie Flannigan and i still remember what her first husband looked like and all of the cute scrapbook pages she designed of the two of them. i nearly peed my pants when i found out she had an app full of all of her awesomeness.

a view from the front pack said...

1. I have been anxiously awaiting that app. downloading now.
2. If you're sore, that means there's progress being made and that you're pushing yourself. If you're not sore, than let's be worried
3. You killed Fran.
4. Your grandma IS pretty awesome.

Lauren said...

I love the app! So fun! :)

Leah said...

yesterday pretty much everyone i know on instagram was using the app. its sweet!

jumpingje said...

Bear Complex with pauses or without - I'm Intrigued!!!!

Kayla Moothart said...

Those kabobs look yummy... I know what I'm having later this week!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Yes that is true about the quote. it's amazing what one can do once they set their mind to it.

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thats a great quote you pulled from a ppost and that is an awesome work out ! I am also digging the food ! :) please do drop by and follow my blog if like it !!

Cherry ~~


Bonnie said...

I love that quote "I became a more capable, energetic, independent, and mentally focused person once my focus shifted from what my body looks like to what my body can do." What a great way to remember to focus on the most important thing. Also, I always seem to get frustrated with workouts or everything else late at night when I'm sleep deprived. So I'm trying to just go to bed before that sets in to curb my own crazy talk. :)

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Yum, meat on meat skewers... protein and fat, the best!! I love that quote, too... a good reminder. I feel grateful for my healthy body and all my capabilities, and it's awesome how great you feel after a workout despite what every little part looks like! Some of the Paleo community bloggers are great about balancing CrossFit goals with healthy body image goals, and I love to hear them talk about strength and mental balance. (Some are not good about this, of course... balance!!!)