workout wednesday

Happppppy Wednesday!

Guess who got new running shoes over the weekend! Hint: ME!  (These were an unplanned purchased, kind of like half of the items at J. Crew that I mentioned yesterday. My bank account doesn't like me, but my closet sure does.) I am hoping my feet and legs will like me more now too.

As you can see these are not Nike. Gasp, crazy right?!  See, Brad works for Nike and I was getting free shoes or lovely discounted shoes and kept trying to run in them. I finally quit denying the fact that Nikes and I don't get along when running and forked over the money for Asics. And by forked over money, I mean I got these on sale at Khols, so yay for that!  For some reason my funny arches and wide feet, running in Nikes make my feet sore and it travels up my ankles and shins.  I always wore Asics during college for track and I decided it was time to go back to them. Took these pretty ladies on my first run yesterday and I think after I break them in a little bit, we are going to get along just fine.

With my new running shoes, comes new fitness goals for summer. Ok, that and being in a bathing suit this past weekend, my second Tough Mudder next month, and Maxine's post from yesterday also might have helped get me motivated to crank up my summer workouts. 

Either way, here are a few of my goals for the summer: 

::A least one 5+ mile run a week.

::More stretching.  My hip flexors are the first thing to get tight and I really need to be more proactive.

::Do 5+ handstand push-ups in a row.

::Plank a day - Brad and I have started doing plank-offs each day.  So far I have won the first two.

::5 Min plank -  Last summer I hit a 5 min plank. I want to do that again.

::Lift heavier when it comes to legs - squats, thrusters, etc.

::Cut back (not entirely out) my caffeine - so far I have gone 4 days in a row without coffee.

And with that, I leave you with a nice little workout:

For time:

::100 ft Walking lunge
::50 Push-ups
::50 Double-unders (or 200 jump rope)
::50 Box jumps
::25 Front squats - 60+ pounds
::25 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)

I finished up in 17 mis and 4 secs. Dare to beat my time?!

Cheers to Workouts!

<3 BB


Macey Snelson said...

Yay for new shoes! I can't run in Nike's either, and my feet are moderately happy in Adidas, but happiest for sure in barefoot shoes. I just got my second pair on Monday and I LOVE them already! Your goals are great! I need to make a list of my own. The longest plank I've held so far is 2.5 minutes. I think I'd feel like a complete bad ass if I could pull off 5 minutes!

BREI said...

I tried Nike's for running and got nothing but pain. I like them for looks though! Cute new shoes!

Leah said...

I love the Nike Frees since my feet get really hot when I workout.

Good for you on the caffeine though, I try to limit my intake but it usually only lasts a day or two. I just like the ritual of coffee too much. I guess I should switch to decaf.

Do you have any recommended stretched for hip flexors. I am really bad about stretching mine.

Brad Snook said...

You forgot to put your time for this workout.

brooke lyn said...


Adriana said...

Ok thanks for this because It's raining and I need an indoor work out.

Also in WHAT world do people do handstand pushups!? You're an effing champ!

Tami said...

Holy, holy, holy cow you are a beast! When I plank for a minute I think I am a badass. Thanks for giving me something to live up to, lol. I've heard good things about Asics, my current Nikes are blowing when it comes to running so it might be time for a switch!

Maxine said...

I did a BRUTAL workout today. 25 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 75 lunges, 100 DUs, 75 lunges, 50 KB swings, and 25 evil wheels FOR TIME. It was terrible/amazing at the same time... haha!

Kayla Moothart said...

You can do it! I should get on the plank wagon for sure.

Sara Louise said...

Those are almost too pretty to run in!

Laicie said...

Ooh I love those!! The shoes that work for my feet never seem to be the pretty ones (so with you on the Nike running shoes!! and I'm an Oregon girl through and through!) but that's definitely not the case with these. I'm running in Brooks these days after switching from diehard Mizuno after my feet stopped loving them... oh the ongoing saga of finding the right running shoe. :)

Kate said...

take me shopping with you the next time you go. i'll let you buy me a bunch of crap. i'm just that kind.

Staci said...

Can my goals be to find a happy medium between getting fat and day drinking? Gimme those shoes