tuesday + j crew


Come check out my new pants!!!!! Well, technically, they are capris, but still, I am in love! If you can be in love with a pair of pants and not be invited onto TLC's show My Strange Addiction that is.

But no really, how cute are these pants?!

Thanks, J Crew Outlets! The best news is, they were on sale and I have had a gift card since Christmas (self control much?!), that I have been waiting to spend. Bad news, the entire store was 40% off and I might have purchased more than my allotted gift card amount. Whoopsies. Sorry, not sorry. 

::Another pair of fun pants - pink ones!.
::The answer is yes, I needed more stripes in my closet.
::Check out how bright this orange sweater is!

Anyway, enough about my new clothes. We get it, you love J. Crew, Brooke.

Here are this week's tunes!

Rumor has it, this little lady with the accordion is the Tallest Man On Earth's wifey. Why can't I be talented like both of them?!

I can't get enough of the Lone Bellow. I have featured them on Tuesday once or twice before and I am not even mad about it. Their folk vibe, just does it for me. 

Yellow Ostrich :: Ghost 
The answer to your question, Yellow Ostrich, is my eyes are blue not green.

Scoob, you will like this one :) Or at least I think you will like this one, because I have been listening to it on repeat.

Daughters :: Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)
I love Daughter. I love Daft Punk. I love Pharrell. I love this cover. The end.

In honor of their new album dropping today, had to share this gem. Did you know they don't use a guitar in their music. Crazy right?!

Part dance. Part electronic. Part chill. All parts great vocals.

Oh and just for kicks and giggles, here is a picture from this past weekend's track meet.  Hayward Field, you're pretty.

Cheers to Tunesday! 

<3 BB 


Anonymous said...

I am def. loving those pants! They are adorable!

Kristen said...

Um... Loving those capris!! & yeah.. Talk about self control!! I got a million gift cards for Christmas & they were all gone after a month!! I have no self control lol

Taylor said...

I loooove these pants, and j.crew is clothing heaven. I would go too crazy in there if I had a gift card!
come enter my giveaway for a Rendi gift card! It's a cute and charitable new decor company :)

Fit With Flash said...

High five on the cute pants! Double high five on getting them on sale! Booyah ; )

Adriana said...

whatttttt?! Ok well i guess good call with holding out because those pants are ahhhmazing

also I've seen that episode of my strange addiction. Notttt comfortable with it