#backthatazzup onto the disabled list

So it's official, my hip is all jacked up and it is making my knee sore too and I am a big struggle. I even brought an ice pack to my office today. UGH. Looks like I am taking up swimming for a bit. Better learn how to do this.

And stick to mostly upper body workouts. Biceps on biceps, bro.

All arms, all day.

Anyway, this has been on the verge of happening for a while now, and I kept ignoring it, hoping it would go away, instead of taking the proper steps to recovery. Things like extra stretching, icing, and taking a few days off. Now both my knee and hip flexor hurt and I am mad and sad. Sheeeeet. Plus, on top of all this Gmail and Facebook rolled out changes today, people are going to lose their shit. Prepare to be annoyed by their angry updates about it.

::But in other news watching this made me laugh.

::5 health foods that aren't healthy.

::What it was like to play high school sports as a girl.

::I know I have mentioned before that I hate shaving and this article helps solidified my thoughts.

::I am officially starting to get old. Seeings how it is my birthday month and all.

::Why chivalry is important.

::Said no one, ever.

::Also, I'm leaving you with Robin Thicke's new single Take It Easy On Me for #backthatazzup Friday.  Take it easy on me today, I am hurt, ok guys?!

Peace out girl scout,

<3 BB


JumpingJE said...

Oh Robin Thicke, I bet he knows what rhymes with his last name!

#healsogood #petaid #brookeaid

kailyn marie said...

yeah, thanks for that lil high school sports as a girl. makes me sad, I wanna go back!!!

Lauren said...

Poor thing! Hope you feel better soon. And I haven't been on a real computer all day so I'm looking forward to these changes you speak of...

Suzannah Hamlin Stanley said...

Ouch! best wishes for recovery. We've been doing CrossFit 1-2 x/week and I'm getting used to a slight level of muscle soreness at all times... ;) but hopefully no injuries!

Rachel Sedaker said...

I never considered chivalry from that perspective, but it makes sense. I really do appreciate a guy who makes me feel safe, given how many make me feel unsafe on a regular basis.

And that Thought Catalog article? I kind of agreed with all of it. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY-MONTH! And shaving fucking sucks. Excuse my language, but it really elicits an emotional reaction in me :-)

heather @ fieryandopinionated said...

oh no! what's going on with your hip? i messed mine up a few years ago so i know that is no fun at all. hope you're feeling better soon! also, love that article on health foods that aren't healthy - i learned that when i started seeing my trainer and was blown away. good stuff.

Care said...

Haha love the bike photo- Do hope you feel better soon! Darling blog you have here!

Heather Marie said...

no no no not body pain!!!! why do we fit people have to get hurt?!!?

Kasey Lynne said...

high school sports as a real girl = for real though...all that stuff is so true. Especially the sports bra thing!

I hate shaving...so therefore, I get waxed. Smooth for weeks!

And the e-card is exactly why I don't own one pair of shorts. Thunder thighs + ghetto booty + shorts = deadly combination.

Chasing Elephants said...

The bike photo is too great! I always have to go to the trainers and say HELP!

Anonymous said...

i'm all about the Bro workouts too. i hate doing legs but i do them so i don't look all weird.

hope you heal fast!