The S&S Aptartment Has A Tree

We have a tree, people!  Bradley and I are making moves in the world of Holiday Cheer.

This weekend was spent with the college roomies, which is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend.  Plus, one of my roomies parents happen to live on a Christmas tree farm out in Banks, Oregon, so Sunday was spent picking out our favorite tree!

Schlegel Christmas Trees are the best Christmas Trees. 

The rain did not stop us from picking out the tree, but it did keep my friend Rachel in the car while we looked.

The Schlegel Tree Farm is a U-Cut farm, so naturally I made Brad get dirty do it. 

Don't worry though, I had the very important job of keeping it from falling over! Timber!!!! 

Growing up in the Umpqua National Forest, my family always made a day out of Christmas Tree Hunting.  We would take our sleds, go up in the snow, and my mom always managed to find the perfect tree in 5 feet of snow a half a mile off the road that my dad and brothers had the pleasure of carrying back to the truck.

Now, this wasn't quite the same experience, but it was still nice to actually cut the tree we wanted and was a lot more fun than picking out a pre-cut tree from a parking lot. 

We had to let it dry out a little bit before we could decorate it, but I plan on bringing the cheer tonight!!!! 

Happy Holidays! 

<3 BB