Tuesday Tunesday :: 12.11.12

Happy, happy Tunesday.  Or if you're in Oregon, it's more a gloomy, want to crawl back in bed with hot chocolate Tunesday.  So if you were looking for something more upbeat, go turn on Britney Spears Pandora, because you won't be finding it here today.  I blame my cold and the weather, but I am definitely in more of a low key music mood today.  Hope you are too!

Ed Sheeran :: Kiss Me 

I have really been on an Ed Sheeran kick the past few weeks, so it made my day when Vampire Diaries had this song on a recent episode.  (Yes, I watch VD. No, I don't care if you judge me for it.)

The Staves :: Mexico

Big fan of this British sister trio.  Thinking you should be too.  Their harmonies are lovely.

Iron & Wine :: Waiting For A Superman

This song is not new, in fact it isn't even Iron & Wine's song.  It's a Flaming Lips cover. But Iron & Wine makes a song go from good to hauntingly beautiful and that, my friends, takes talent.

Of Monsters and Men :: King and Lionheart 

If you've been following Tunesday for a moment now, you will know my love for Of Monsters and Men.  This session is just another reason why I love them so. I mean there is a trumpet in a living room.  Can't go wrong there.

The Lumineers :: KEXP Session 

This last one is a treat for you guys.  I saw the Lumineers live last week.  They rock.  Here is 20 + mins of them :) The according player is my favorite, obvs.  Plus, any music that features a lot of hey and ho is good music.


<3 BB

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