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Ya'll (look at me pretending like I'm in the show Nashville or something), I had such a traumatic experience last night. Right before bed, Brad decided he was going to take the trash out....What a nice guy he is. Well, as he was picking up the garbage to take it outside a nasty, smelly, god awful liquid started SPEWING out the bottom (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it definitely was dripping all over the floor) and had been leaking in the garbage can for a little while now so that's where the smell had been coming from.  I can't even begin to describe the smell to you, but will attempt anyway it smelled like old prawns, and feet, and all things evil in the world.

I wanted to vom, but since I am so heroic, I cleaned that 'ish up.  So, at 10:30 at night (wayyyy past my bedtime mind you) I am mopping the floor and cleaning out the garbage can with anything I think will stop the smell (vinegar, lemon juice, soap, febreze, you name it, I tried it). After I was done cleaning Brad kept trying to freak me out and say he could still smell it in my hair and on my clothes, I might believed him a little.  I think the smell is going to stay in my nose forever. UGH.

But in other pretty, non smelly news - Bradley brought home 'just because flowers' for me yesterday.  Evidently his work was selling them and a portion of the proceeds went to Easter Seals Oregon :) Tulips are about to be poppin' soon!

Lastly, before we get to today's links, Keith Sweat just came up on my shuffle as I was editing this post and if that's not some #backthatazzup Friday music, then I don't know what is.

Anyways, here are totally tubular links:

::Groupon is having a Hunters deal.  I have no money, but I mean I have been wanting Hunters for so long, I can't not pass up this deal, right?! The only problem is not sure I want any of those color options, I may still hold off.  decisions, decisions.

::Evidently the theme of my links this week is financial decisions.  Does that mean I am growing up? Make it stop. 

::Anyone else getting else feeling the pressure of the Mword?!

::And since these links took a turn to SeriousVille, let's tone it down a notch and visit Thug Kitchen. *Warning some material may not be suitable for children under the age of 16 or people with a sensitivity to cursing. Click at your own risk, but I promise you it's hilarious!!*  

Who knew the Mantis Shrimp was so badass or knew what it even was for that matter?!

::For anyone else that is as pumped as I am for the new season of Arrested Development to come out on Netflix. I got you the link above.

::Last, but never least, some Ron Swanson for your Friday. Enjoy!

Now #backthatazzup on into the weekend!!!! 



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Justine said...

Oh my gosh, that garbage debacle sounds awful. Did you leave the garbage can outside all night to air it out? Haha. Flowers for no reason are the best, what a great guy!