national sibling day?

Rumor has it, yesterday was national sibling day. Evidently I am a horrible sibling and had no idea. ... Although, the rest of my siblings must be horrible too, because I didn't get tagged in status updates or fun photos by any of them on my facebook. (Since that is how you show real love... not a phone call or visiting the person, just giving a shout out on social media, duh) Ok, that's a lie my litter sister did put up a photo of the four of us, but she didn't tag me in it, so it doesn't count.

Anyways - my sibs, there are three of them.  I am the oldest and obviously the wisest. They all look up to me and wish they were half as awesome.

This photo pretty much sums us up.  Good looking, awkward, and always entertaining.  My parents thought it would be cool nerdy to name all of us names that start with the letter B, so it's me Brooke, then Brannon, Braden (Brady), and Brittany. Don't you wish you were an alliteration like us?!

Brannon is super funny, the type of funny that catches you off guard, because you have no idea where he came up with whatever he just said, but you're dying laughing.  He is also enriching the lives of children daily or something like that, because he is a teacher and high school basketball coach.  Brannon likes to make fun of me a lot for my blog.  His token phrase is 'what, are you gonna go blog about this too?' and always gets really mad when I pull out the camera to take pictures for the blog. He is a hater. He also calls me a hypocrite, because one time I wrote this post about bloggers that don't smile with their teeth and then put up the same type of photo myself. Good news is, I know he reads my blog!

Brady, is too confident for his own good, but it works for him, I suppose. He likes to play the whole, I'm the middle child, feel bad for me card, but he is totally lying when he says that ;) Although, one time when he was really young Brannon and I hung him up in our garage (which was not actually attached to our house) by his overalls and left him there until our neighbor found him (so maybe he is onto something).  He is in school right now getting his degree in criminal justice so he can eventually become a police officer...He better get my ass out of a ticket if I ever need it. Not that I ever drive over the speed limit or anything like that....  

Lastly, there is the bebe of the family Brittany. She is still in high school, but is probably more athletic and cooler than the rest of us (don't tell her I said that). I have blogged about her before, so the boys are probs jealous and think I like her more which I do. Britt definitely gets spoiled by the rest of us. She says she wants to go into law enforcement too when she grows up. (Is anyone else picking up on the theme that my siblings want to go into fields of work that are like beneficial to society or whatever... Who does that?!)

So yeah, those are my siblings, in case you didn't realize I had any. Not sure how my parents put up with us when we were little, but we turned out pretty awesome, so they must have done something right!

Cheers to sibs!

<3 BB


Morgan said...

My sisters and I have the same initials for our first AND middle names! Mallory Anne, Meredith Amber, then me..Morgan Alicia. Ha! And I'm the baby so my sisters definitely spoil me like you do with your sister Brittany! So fun!

Lizzie D said...

That's so funny, our kids have the same initials for both their first and middle names, but it was totally coincidental :)