fall so hard

Not sure why I am sharing this embarrassing story, but oh well here goes... Enjoy the visual. Laugh it up on my account!

Yesterday, while I was at the track coaching, I tripped and ate it, hard ... I wasn't paying attention (that never happens) and caught my foot on a little metal rail thing (super descriptive, Brooke) that lines the infield and the actual track. It of course happened in front of all my athletes and this wasn't one of those trips where you can kind of catch yourself and not actually fall.  This was the kind of trip where you try to run it off and keep yourself up, but I couldn't and fell on my hands and knees, left a bit of track burn on my knee and bum and everyone gasped and then laughed. It was embarrassing.

Nice job, Coach Brooke, Your athletes really want to get advice from a girl that can't even stay on her own two feet.  In my defense though, the stupid railing is dumb and it shouldn't be there! Mature, I know. 

This fall then lead me to think about how clumsy I am all the time sometimes.

I am that girl who:
::always has bruises from running into table edges
::always has bruises from.... shoot, how did that bruise get there again?!
::drops weights on her shins and feet
::falls while doing box jumps (this still has not fully healed and there is a nice scar forming, by the way)
::misjudges where doorways and entryways are, so I run into walls
::constantly has scrapes, cuts, and burns on my hands

For being fairly athletic, I am sure a struggle street.

Anyone else have this problem?!

To make myself feel better about my life, I had some comfort food when I got home.  I had Annie's Mac and Cheese for dinner. Obviously, not the healthiest choice I could have gone with, but hot daumn was it delish. I was tired and it has been in our cupboard for a few months now calling my name. I couldn't not eat it.

Yes, I am wrapped up in my blankie. It was almost bedtime (8:27pm), don't judge me.

Luckily, for me and my beach body needs, Brad was there to share the cheesy goodness with me or I would have eaten the entire box.  Not that I know I can eat an entire box or anything.  I have never done that before I tell myself that Annie's is better for me than Kraft. I mean, it has to be right?! The color of the powdery substance is more natural cheese color and less cheetos orange, that alone has to be healthier. I also paired mine with an avocado and we might have added a little bit of additional cheese and some chicken to the mac as well. Gotta get swoll. Protein on protein on protein.

So yeah, that's my Embarrassing Story Wednesday for you. Hope you had a good laugh! You're welcome.


<3 BB


Cre'shea said...

I can eat the whole box of Annie's Mac N Cheese if someone isn't supervising me...and I love it with avocado too :)

Erica said...

Don't worry, you are not alone - Jason did the same thing at the Pacific track b/c they have the same rail. He actually rolled his ankle pretty bad running the mile and was out a few weeks... struggle streets for sure!

blsmith6 said...

knew i was not alone when it comes to struggles, thanks jason for keeping me company! haha

blsmith6 said...

i mean really it's not hard. going into it i should have bought two boxes... it's pretty much proven science the ratio is 1 box to 1 person

Kate said...

1) i run into doorways and countertops daily. 2) i OBVIOUSLY can relate to tripping and falling. so i'm sorry that that happened to you, too. but it does always make for a good story/blog post. to every con there is a pro, i guess. 3) Annie's IS delicious and it's TOTALLY better for you. totally.

Staci said...

I fall ALL THE TIME. Except I'm not even mildly athletic so at least I have an excuse.

blsmith6 said...

def ran into my dining room table last night. things just jump out at you!