weekend shanans

Oh hello there, Monday.  Fancy seeing you already.  You sure came nice and early this morning after the Timbers' game last night. The game didn't even start until close to 8pm.  This girl is usually on the couch with a blankie by then counting down the time it is considered acceptable to actually go to bed. Oh well, they won so it was worth it - even though it was freezing.  Oregon really needs to get its act together on the weather side of things.

I enjoy going to Timbers' games, but if the weather doesn't start getting nicer, imma get a little testy. 

Does anyone else take Timber's Army selfies?! No?! Just me?! Cool.

They won. I was impressed.

Yes, in case you were wondering, the rest of my life weekend more or less revolved around sports.

Saturday and Sunday was spent watching my boyfriend Adam Scott win the Masters. Luckily, my parents and brother were up this weekend visiting my grandparents so I got to watch it with all of them.

Look at that smile. He is an Aussie, too. So the accent is real nice. 

I did sneak some shopping in with my friend Justine and then later with my sister, Mom, and Grandma on Saturday, too.  It was a lovely afternoon. Annnnnnd I was extra proud of myself, only bought one cheap dress at H&M (like that, but with tiny white polk-a-dots) and some new concealer from NARS I have been wanting to try out.

Back to sports.  This morning my twitter has been blowing up with Boston Marathon updates and it makes me realllllllllly happy. Now, I have never ran a marathon.  Hell, I haven't ran anything over 11-12 miles and that was once (soon to be twice) with breaks for obstacles during the Tough Mudder.....but I do love me some great marathons. They run them so fast. I am so impressed. This is what my twitter feed looked like...

Does anyone else's feed look like this? 

The ladies' last mile time was still faster than what I would run my first mile in. It baffles me that they can finish 26.2 miles in under 2 hours and 30 mins. BAFFLES!

Lastly, my weekend was complete, because this sneak peak, movie trailer was revealed during the MTV Movie? Music? (not sure which one it was, didn't actually watch it) Awards.  I have been missing some Katniss in my life.  I bet Katniss could run a marathon and kick ass at it.

And may the odds be ever in your favor,

<3 BB


Erica said...

Ahh Catching Fire!! Did they say when it comes out? I can't wait!

blsmith6 said...

I think it's Nov. 22. Date night for you and I?!

Morgan said...

The weather has been so terrible everywhere! I'm going to need for it to calm down! And I can't wait for Catching Fire to come out too!

Helene said...

can't wait for the new hunger games!! so excited! and sorry your weather is cold! i would be sick of it too!

BREI said...

He is just so hot!