shenanigans at uptown

Oh Monday, go home. I am not ready for you yet. Instead, let's recap my weekend shall we?! 

Friday and Saturday: 
Yay for sunburns out at the track!! Actually, I didn't even get that burned, I was a good girl and wore sun block both Friday and Saturday (go me!) Super proud of all my athletes and the team this weekend.  Both the men's and women's teams took second place at the Northwest Conference Track and Field Championships and I would like to take full credit for all their success, obvi.  Kidding, the athletes rocked it. I was just there to remind them to relax and compete.  It is always fun to be a part of a person's success and being out at the track always makes me missing competing. 

After the meet on Saturday evening, I met up with the boy and our friends Tyler and Cory at our favorite spot, Uptown Market for their campaign party. They are currently raising funds to launch a brewery

The place was hopping. Live music, food carts, beverages, and a lot people.

Oh! and Cornhole (or bags if you're into calling it that) they're my favorite!

You should ask the boys who won.....Hint: my team!!!

This is the point in the evening where things start to go downhill quickly.

Now, I do not consider myself a big drinker and I have many reasons for not being a huge fan of alcohol. I probably don't even need to be discussing this on the blog, since my Mom, Grandma, and Aunts are my biggest readers, but this girl gets hungover bad, like real bad. I am just not good at it, which honestly isn't a bad thing. I don't even have to drink a lot to be a struggle.  This was the case Saturday. I think I had a total of 4 drinks and I was down for the count all day Sunday. We are talking throwing up for a solid 12 hours.

Don't let the popsicle form fool you. That there folks is Pedialyte and I couldn't even keep that down. It was like demons were leaving my body - taunting me for my sins or something. Not to mention the migraine that came with.  Jeez, I get it, I shouldn't drink. What did I do to make you so mad at me, God?!

After yesterday, this girl won't be touching the demon liquid for quite some time (or maybe just nurse one drink the entire evening) and I am quite ok with that.

What kind of Shenanigans did you get yourself into this weekend?!


Adriana said...

Hey girl! I just found your blog and I'm super excited I did. Sorry about you ickyness and I was all ready to get excied for you about the Icee Pop!

I'm following along now, looking forward to reading more :)

Brad Snook said...

Third time's a charm? #isuckattyping

A) I would like to state that Sunday's struggles were in no way,shape, or form the fault of the great people at Uptown Market. If anyone from there is reading this, please don't cut us off!

2) I blame the long day at track with little food beforehand for your issues.

C) Glad you're feeling back up to health BooBooKins!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you were so hungover!! Glad you are feeling better though!
New follower here! Can't wait to see more posts!
Stop by some time
PS Would love to follow you on twitter @ToriGStyled

BREI said...

Ugh hangovers are the worst!

Macey Snelson said...

Ugh. I feel ya on the hangover! They are the worst! Dehydration + Sun exposure + Drinking = disaster! Hope you're feeling better today!

Love Meghan said...

sounds like such a good weekend (minus the hangover)! i'm not ready for monday, either... bleh!

Kayla Moothart said...

Oh my goodness - I'm so sorry! I'm glad you had fun at the track meet... and on Saturday...I hope youre all recovered after the day today!

Kate said...

minus the upheaval of all your innards, it sounds like a good weekend. i don't drink. i never have. and aside from the whole slue of other reasons that i don't do it, I FOR SERIOUS HATE throwing up. like maybe i swear to the gods of illnesses that i will adopt all the african children in the world if i just don't have to throw up. i'm sorry you had to do it. try not to ever have that happen again, okay?

Kate said...

OH. and your new blog design is the shiz. i love it.

Kira said...

That hangover sounds terrible! I hate throwing up so much that I have never had more than two drinks in one night. I'm just so paranoid that might happen to me!

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness I'm so sorry about your terrible hangover! Worst feeling ever!

Justine said...

Coconut water is pretty darn good for when you're hungover! I hope you're feeling better today!

Sofia Donatelli said...

Great post and blog.

If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Barbie Girl'.



Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Who the heck call Cornhole bags?? Communists I guess.